NCS3 2019

NCS3 Class of 2019

NCS3 Lecturers in 2019
Guest speakers from government organizations, prominent companies and leading universities were:

  • Raymond Bierens, VU Amsterdam 
  • ​Jarmo v.L and Rianne V., National Police High-Tech Crime Unit
  • Rik van Dijk and Stephanie de Smale, National Cyber Security Center (NCSC)
  • Karin,  AIVD
  • Frank Groeneweger and Maarten van Dantzig, Fox-IT
  • Michel Muller, Alliander
  • Joost Willems, Siemens 
  • Christian Doerr, Technical University Delft 
  • Oscar Koeroo, KPN 
  • Maarten Bodlaender, Philips
  • Benne de Weger, Technical University Eindhoven
  • Klaus Kursawe, GridSEC
  • ​Guillaume Dupont, TU Eindhoven
  • Nathalie van Raemdonck, European Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)
  • ​Jelle van Haaster, Netherlands Ministry of Defense
  • Michiel Steltman, Digtial Infrastructure Association
  • Florian Hahn, University of Twente
  • Gert-Jan de Koning, IBM
  • Ralph Moonen, Secura

The Cyber Security Challenge
Participants of the summer school compete in groups to formulate an advice for the Cyber Security Council of the Netherlands. The groups were supervised and mentored by experts in the field of Cyber Security coming from government, companies, and universities. The CSR Challenge consist of drafting a (short) policy recommendation and a (brief) presentation. The topic for the CSR Challenge and the group division were announced the week before the NSC3. 

The Prize
​The winning team gets the opportunity to meet the Cyber Security Council and provide their policy advice in person. 

The Jury of Experts
The presentation and policy paper are assessed by a jury panel consisting of leading experts in their respective sectors​. ​The CSR Challenge Jury members are experts in the field of Cyber Security from Public, Private and Academic Sectors. The following people formed the independent Jury of Experts:

  • Petra Oldengarm - Cyberveilig Nederland
  • Kaveh Rezavi - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Jelle Niemantsverdriet - Deloitte 

Team Mentors
The Team Mentors are experts in the field of Cyber Security from Public, Private and Academic Sectors. The following people mentored the students and guided them in writing their policy advice:

  • Ruud Verbaan & Eelco Stofbergen - CGI Nederland
  • Diederik Perk - Fox-IT
  • Aarnout Molenaar & Alex Duivelshof - Rabobank 
  • Danny Damen - Tesorion
  • Fokko Dijksterhuis - Capgemini 
  • Rik van Dijk & Stephanie de Smale - NCSC
  • Raymond Bierens - VU Amsterdam

Active Learning Sessions
The NCS3 has a balance of lectures and active engagement. This year we had three active engagement activities planned for the NCS3. 

  • Hack Lab Session, by CGI Nederland
    ​​CGI will provide participants a hands-on session and show how hacking tools work so they can get an understanding of how they are used, and how we can protect ourselves from them.
  • Crisis Simulation, by CrisisPlan
    ​​Participants experience first-hand what it is like to manage a crisis during a cyber-attack, corresponding with stakeholders, following procedures and trying to survive the crisis without affecting the organization’s reputation. 

Evening Events

  • Monday: Ministry of Justice and Security (The Hague)
  • Tuesday: CGI Nederland (Rotterdam)
  • Wednesday: Fox-IT (Delft)
  • Thursday: University of Twente (Enschede)
  • Friday: Deloitte (Amsterdam)

The NCS3 will be hosted in City of The Hague. Students requiring long-travel time are encouraged to find accommodation in The Hague.

Click here for the detailed daily schedule in 2019