The National Cyber Security Summer School is the result of cooperation by multiple organizations. 

Partners and Sponsors
The latest edition in 2019 was supported by

The National Cyber Security Summer School is organized by dcypher. The Dutch Cyber Security Platform for Higher Education & Research is a platform that unites researchers, hackers, teachers, students, producers, users and policy makers in the Netherlands to improve knowledge and expertise on cyber security. dcypher provides the (bottom-up) agenda and coordination of scientific and practice-oriented cyber security research and higher education.

The summerschool is an initiatief of the Dutch Cyber Security Council. The Cyber Security Council (CSR) is a national, independent advisory body of the Dutch government and the business community (through the government) composed of high-ranking representatives from public and private sector organisations and the scientific community. The CSR undertakes efforts at strategic level to bolster cyber security in the Netherlands.