As part of the NCS3 program, a series of webinars on Cyber Security has been released in 2016 . The webinars consist of interviews with leading experts in the field on their thoughts on the current state of the field, future trends, gaps and opportunities for their sectors. The webinar series present points of view from the academic, private and public sector.

Webinar 5: Jan Piet Barthel, ​Director dcypher
Jan Piet Barthel explains what students can expect from the NCS3, shares his insights on his favorite Cyber Security topic, and the sorts of organizations involved in the NCS3. 

Webinar 4: Gen. Hans Folmer, ​Defense Cyber Command 
General Hans Folmer shares his views on why Cyber Security is important for military operations and its value for the Defense sector. 

Webinar 3: Petra van Schayik, ​CEO Compumatica Secure Networks
Petra van Schayik shares her views on how the field of Cyber Security has changed over the last 5 years, the aspects that appeal to her most, what she believes to be the biggest challenges, and why she believes students should work in the field of Cyber Security. 

Webinar 2: Erik Poll, Associate Prof. Radboud University Nijmegen
Erik Poll shares his motivations to do research in the field of Cyber Security, the topics he finds most interesting, and why he believes it has become a more important subject over the last few years.

Webinar 1: Jaya Baloo, CISO at KPN
Jaya Baloo shares her views on what Cyber Security means for her work, how customers are affected by this domain, how KPN keeps cyber-secure, what topics she finds most exciting in this field, and where she sees the future of Cyber Security.